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High Fi jazz and vinyl club is back

Cloud 9 - HIGH FI Vol 9 - Alice Coltrane Tribute

We are back with our sell out jazz club evenings

About this Event

If there are any of you who don’t know the enigmatic, celestial wonderment of Alice Coltrane.. This is your chance to get firmly acquainted with her legacy and music.

Let me try to place it into words.

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FOlk sessions are back at kulcha

Alice Night and Cye Wood perform their transporting music to a backdrop of Alice's paintings in the exhibition space at Kulchajam in Byron Bay.


6:30pm - 7:30pm Art Exhibition - paintings by Alice Night in the Kulchajam space.

7:30pm - Cye Wood.

8:30pm - Alice Night.

$30 on the door if not sold out.


Cye Wood is an innovative composition artist who layers live instruments and features violin in his work.

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Kulchajam back in action

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Bringing Kulcha back to the bay

Lovers of Kulcha, stay tuned. Over the coming month we are revitalising our much loved arts and cultural hub on 1 Acacia St. Events are in planning while classes and workshops are ongoing. Jazz and world music evenings, a vinyl appreciation society, and a re-inspired selection of ongoing activities. And if you haven't yet visited the beautiful Kouzina restaurant now operating out of our cafe/courtyard your in for a wonderful treat.  We'll have a more detailed announcements soon. We hope to see your gorgeous faces beaming soon <3 the kulcha crew



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That's My Dance Jam heads Dance Studio in 2018

Much loved regulars in the space "That's My Dance Jam" will be managing dance studio bookings in 2018

Much loved regular's That's My Jam will be managing the dance studio in 2018. (People who want to book the Kulchajam dance studio can contact Kyla on

Here's a sneak peak of some of the vibes that Kyla Blacksmith will bring to the space. 

What is That's My Jam?