That's My Dance Jam heads Dance Studio in 2018

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Much loved regulars in the space "That's My Dance Jam" will be managing dance studio bookings in 2018

Much loved regular's That's My Jam will be managing the dance studio in 2018. (People who want to book the Kulchajam dance studio can contact Kyla on

Here's a sneak peak of some of the vibes that Kyla Blacksmith will bring to the space. 

What is That's My Jam?

That's My Jam teaches strong and sassy hip hop dance in Byron Bay and beyond. We aim to empower and connect women through fun and creative dance classes. We are inclusive, encourage individuality, confidence and promote body love.

What inspired you to start That's my Jam ?

Truthfully I started That's My Jam because there weren't any dance classes I wanted to attend and was tired of feeling like a number and a bit bored of the monotony of dance classes on offer. Dance classes often felt clicky and judgey to me so I wanted to create something that felt open, warm and exciting to attend. I knew what I cared about, dance as a creative expression, women feeling confident in their bodies and good, loud music. Alas That's My Jam was born!

You have been dancing all your life, tell me about your dancing style and how you got into it? 

Dancing has always been a huge part of my life, music and dance runs deep and is really celebrated in my family. As a child I was constantly choreographing, creating and performing shows, it drove my parents nuts, haha, but they were always really supportive. They knew it was my thing and didn't push me to focus on anything else. Apparently I would speak with movement - my language has always been dance. 

I started ballet when I was 3 and followed with jazz, then discovered and fell in love with hip hop. I've luckily always had really great and inspiring teachers so I know what a good dance class entails. I stopped dancing for a little while after high school, well at least with much less intensity. I was heart broken after a dreadful auditioning dance teacher told me I was too fat and didn't have enough technique to be professional. At this point I had an eating disorder and did nothing but work on my technique. I never told anyone and hid my shame for years and into my mid twenties. No one understood why I stopped dancing.

As you can imagine my dancing dreams were crushed. Until I moved to Byron Bay and rediscovered my love and passion for dance. Byron Bay gave me confidence to be who I was, people were accepting and encouraging. My dance style is a fusion of all that I have learnt and been inspired by over the years, hip hop, jazz, contemporary, lyrical etc. I love strong and sexy movement that makes you feel something and search within yourself. 

What can a new dancer with no experience expect from your classes?

A new jammer can expect a friendly and humorous environment, high energy warm up and a choreography challenge with a lovely meditative cool down. 

Students who show up every week are the dancers who get the most out of it. Rome wasn't built in a day, learning dance takes time, patience, focus and a love for it. Some beginner students come to one class never to return, others come to every class they can, practice, persist and get totally addicted. It's a very healthy addiction, haha! The key to success is repetition and practice and that's with anything you want to achieve. 

People who want to book the Kulchajam dance studio can contact Kyla on

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