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Kulchajam is set up as a model of community arts & cultural development that integrates social enterprise principles, sustainability, cultural exchange & artistic excellence. We work on diverse projects and programs that further our mission, while continuing the ongoing projects below:

Community Cultural Development is a core focus of all of our projects, whether artistic, cultural or environmental. 

Kulchajam works in partnerships with other community organisastions including schools, youth, indigenous and environmental organisations, festivals and events, and local businesses and government to address social inequities, promote social wellbeing and artistic development through access arts and culture.

Kulchajam fosters and works with a network of creative arts facilitators to provide access to cultural development opportunities for all, and specifically for disadvantaged sections of the community, youth and emerging young artists to access the arts, develop skills and develop professional pathways to creative careers.

Byron Bay Eco*Arts Hub and Incubator

Kulchajam runs an arts hub and performance space in Byron Bay that supports and provides the facilities and resources for us to realise our projects. Through our hub we focus on producing arts and cultural experiences of excellence that are accessible to the general public of the Northern Rivers region, expanding audiences for the arts and providing a hub for local artists to network, skillshare and develop new works. Our space acts as an incubator for emerging artists and small scale creative and food industries and promotes co-operation and mutual self help within the community.

Find out more about our individual projects:

<in.scribe> youth street art mentoring program

CO*OP Kulcha Food Co-operative

Artist Kulcha Artist Hub

KENE Peruvian womens artisinal co-operative solidarity