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Our Mission is to:

Artfully jam up cultures to generate mutual understanding and respect, and forge shared pathways to healthy, vibrant and creative communities

Our aims are:

  • To promote and support artistic endeavours, cultural interactions and production and consumption patterns that integrate action for sustainability and social justice
  • To support and strengthen grassroots culture and create opportunities for trade, exchange relationship building and learning amongst differing cultures, knowledge and value systems

We do this by:

  • Activating and developing co-operative models of production and consumption that reflect principles of sustainability, creativity, cultural vibrancy and social justice
  • Supporting and promoting the work of artists and culture workers whose work seeks to integrate sustainability and justice principles and cross cultural understandings in their endeavours
  • Creating opportunities for cross cultural and cross media interactions that enable knowledge,technology and cultural sharing that promotes sustainability,social justice and deepens cultural understandings and connections
  • Facilitating community education and awareness of pathways to sustainability through artistic and cultural endeavours
  • Developing a leading practice model for cross cultural democratic, participatory and cooperative artistic and cultural endeavours