Encounter Byron Bay sets up in Kulchajam Hub

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Encounter Byron is basing itself out of the Kulchajam community venue in the Arts & Industry Estate of Byron Bay, Australia. A program of the not-for-profit Encounter Project,  venue is dedicated to empowering the local community through creating a hub for creative arts, music, food, small business, social programs and outreach.

Explains Adam Collett, Encounter's founder "We are proudly building on the foundations of the Kulcha Jam space and mission. Encounter Byron seeks to cultivate a space where people can connect, celebrate, inspire and empower their own lives as well as the lives of those around them. We are also driven to support people in need by developing creative social programs and partnering with other community organisations in the Northern Rivers and beyond. "

Initial programs include Indigenous support work and a 'care box' for those in need. 

Supporting Indigenous communities is at the heart of the Encounter Byron mission, and the organisation feels incredibly blessed to be able to serve the Elders of Jubullum Village near Tabulam, NSW as they work to create opportunities for their youth and families to thrive.  

The Encounter Care Box program is designed to reached those who are in need, unseen or unheard. It could be a family member who is struggling to deal with obstacles in life, or a friend who just needs to know they are loved. Whatever the need, we invite you to nominate someone below and we will do what we can to prepare a Care Box for them filled with food, uplifting gifts and cards from our artists, as well as other items they might be needing specifically, or surprises to hopefully warm their heart.


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