CO*OP Kulcha (now Mullum Food Coop)

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CO*OP Kulcham (now the Mullum Food Cooperative) operates out of the Mullumbimby Community Gardens on Tuesdays and Fridays from 10am-4pm. 

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The community food cooperative was initiated by Kulchajam to provide fair access to ethical whole foods and local products while increasing our health and wellbeing and building relationships amongst consumers and producers across the region. 

It is our vision to become a vibrant, dynamic meeting place for the diverse northern rivers community to meet the need for ethical organic foods at accessible prices.

How does it work?

Owned, managed and staffed voluntarily by members we source ethical, organic whole foods and provide them to members at close to wholesale prices, while providing a vehicle for our members to exchange and sell their home grown and home made produce and share food preparation skills and good food together.

For this community model of operation to work, it requires volunteer members to make a personal time contribution as a highly valued and an essential ingredient in our non-commercial operations. Volunteer members receive an additional discount on their food prices. 

Environmental & Social Aims

The CO*OP aims to educate members and the public about the environmental, as well as the social and health benefits of sustainably produced food. Our goals are:

  • to create grassroots cultural solutions to sustainably meet our own needs
  • to help protect the natural environment by educating people about the environmental benefits of locally produced, organic food
  • contribute to social justice by making healthy and ethical food available at low cost to the community